• Seat Sizes: 16 ½” – 19”
  • Seat Depth: Deep seat or extra deep seat
  • Seat Balance: The seat balance is set to the measurements and preference of the rider and can range from a forward seat to a seat placed farther back in the saddle based on the needs and confirmation of the horse and rider combination.
  • Flap Size: The flap sizes are determined based on the length and placement of the rider’s leg.
  • Tree width: The width of the tree is determined by the horse’s measurements.
  • Knee Roll: Outside block
  • Leather Choices: Black bull hide
Details: TThe JRD Saddlery Escala Saddle uses JRD Saddlery’s legendary trapezius relief tree allowing maximum shoulder freedom and comfort for your horse. The use of outside blocks gives the rider more stability than with covered blocks. The deep seat of the Escala gives the rider a very secure feeling. The Escala will place the rider in a deeper seat with a straighter leg position than with the JRD Bella Saddle.

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