• Seat Sizes: 16 ½” – 19″
  • Seat Depth: Medium deep seat
  • Seat Balance: The seat balance is set to the measurements and preference of the rider and can range from a forward seat to a seat placed farther back in the saddle based on the needs and confirmation of the horse and rider combination.
  • Flap Size: The flap sizes are determined based on the length and placement of the rider’s leg.
  • Tree width: The width of the tree is determined by the horse’s measurements.
  • Knee Roll: Covered block
  • Leather Choices: Black bull hide
Details: The JRD Saddlery Bella Saddle uses JRD Saddlery’s legendary trapezius relief tree allowing maximum shoulder freedom and comfort for your horse. The Bella has a shaped sweat flap for the rider to have a closer contact to the horse. The use of covered blocks allows the rider to have a greater range of movement in their leg position than with the use of outside blocks. The uniquely shaped tree used in the Bella allows for the choice between a regular or narrow twist for the comfort of the rider without compromising the comfort of the horse.

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