• Seat Sizes: Ranges between 16 inches to 19 inches based on the riders specific measurements. All dressage trees have the JRD Saddlery legendary shoulder freedom built-in.
  • Seat Depth: Ranges from flat, medium, to deep based on the rider’s need and preference.
  • Seat Balance: The seat balance is set to the measurements and preference of the rider and can range from a forward seat to a seat placed farther back in the saddle based on the needs and confirmation of the horse and rider combination.
  • Flap Size: The flap sizes are determined based on the length and placement of the rider’s leg.
  • Tree width: The width of the tree is determined by the horse’s measurements.
  • Knee Roll: The size and shape of the knee rolls are selected based on the rider’s preference, position, and whether they want a traditional style saddle or our mono-flap design.
  • Leather Choices: The saddle can be constructed of different combinations of types of leather including our bull hide, French calf, or standard leather and are available in a variety of colors and shades.
Details: The JRD Saddlery Make-To-Measure Dressage Saddle will offer the best possible balance and fit to the needs of each unique horse and rider combination. The personalized seat size, depth, knee roll, and balance, as well as the flap length, are cut and crafted to the exact measurements and riding style of the rider allowing the rider to focus on their training. Instead of the rider having to “fight” the saddle to be in the correct position, these saddles will aid the rider in remaining in the desired position and balance. Choices of cantle back options can include a variety of different aesthetic materials including various colors of alligator, sting ray, patent leather, or even your very own hand-beaded cantle back from our artist. With over 20 piping colors, various stitching colors, and customized cantle back options, you can truly create your own personal style with this saddle!

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