Make-To-Measure Saddles

JRD Saddlery specializes in handmade Make-To-Measure Dressage, Jumping/Cross-country, and Polo Saddles. From the tree selection, seat design, gussets, to panels, every part of the saddle are tailored to the measurements of you and your equine partner to achieve the perfect fit so you can train and perform at your best! You can also personalize your Make-To-Measure saddle with various choices of leather, piping colors, and special artistic design features on the cantle for a truly one-of-a-kind saddle. For more information about our Make-To-Measure Saddles, click here.

Fitted Saddles

Our Fitted Saddles are an excellent option for a quality, ready-made saddle. Since our fitted saddles are handmade in our shop, each of our fitted saddles are checked for quality and consistency allowing us to have a thorough knowledge of the saddle’s shape inside and out. This enables us to give you and your equine partner a truly proper fit that will be comfortable and balanced for both. For more information about our Fitted Saddles, click here.

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